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Game Escape From Paradise

akhirnya tamat juga maen Escape From Paradise , hehe . seru juga nih gamenya . yang bikin susah tuh nyari radio part nya .

yang berminat pengen maen game nya , bisa download game escape from paradise di sini

ini petunjuk kalo mau dapetin radio part :
  1. Dig in the first X that appears (right above a dilapidated hut)
  2. Bring 4 castaways to the big boulder in the southwest corner of the first map.
  3. Fish in the BIG pond in the middle of the second map.
  4. Move a castaway to the obsolute top-right corner of the second map. Notice a crack along the ground. Have him chop at the tree just northeast of it. When he finishes, he will step on the crack and find the radio part.
  5. Fish in the small pond in the north part of the third map.
  6. Bring a castaway with at least level 2 carpentry to the middle of map 3 where the stone Tiki statue is.
  7. Drag a villager to the bottle on the beach, next to the shipwreck. Complete it (you can just click on “complete word” until it’s over) and you will get a radio part.
  8. Go fishing again – right to the Southeast of the 3 giant Tikis in the fourth map, there is a tiny little pond. Fish in there for a radio part.
  9. Bring two female elders (with maxed skills) to the 3 giant Tikis in the fourth map. I don’t know if there are other solutions, but I tried one male and one female elder and the male one didn’t work for me.
  10. Bring 7 castaways with the highest skills to the stone relief in map 4. Bring each one to light up the feet marks, then drag EVERYONE ELSE to the last one. They don’t have to be right next to it! All you have to do is click and drag to the middle part of the relief, and their heads will gain some question marks. Once EVERYONE has question marks above their heads, you will have unlocked the last radio part. (you need 30 castaways)

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2 Response to "Game Escape From Paradise"

  1. anastasiaamanda22 says:
    10 November 2010 14.50

    og smuanya cwo ya ? Dapetin yg cewe gmn caranya ?

  2. Anonim Says:
    20 September 2014 16.16

    kok g bisa di download gamenya :(